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Our Services

We offer a wide-range of services. Are you starting a business? Do you need financial advice? Contact us for anything that you need help with.


Our accountants have 10-30 years experience in general accounting, bookkeeping, AR/AP, as well as a multitude of interval reporting methods.

Tax Preparation

Believe it or not, we are registered & licensed tax preparers at the Federal ('Murica) and State level (Cali) but have the ability to file other state/county taxes.

Personal Finance

Our friendly accountants actually have personalities and would love to get to know you. We also strive to ensure the highest discretion in any of your financial matters.

Business Finance

Our accountants have tremendous experience with small to medium sized businesses. Outsourcing the finance arm of your organization ensures a lower cost, yet efficient option. We have a wealth of experience as independent controllers of a number of companies. As mentioned earlier, we offer full-service accounting.


We take care of your tax return filing with ease. Our tax professionals file with accuracy while maximizing deductions even with the new tax laws!

We are tax reform trained & ready!

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About us

With over 25 years since it's inception, Desert Financial started with good, old-fashioned pencil to paper bookkeeping and tax preparation. Calculators and pencils have come and gone, but that old 1040 still looks the same.

Who We Are Now

Moving into the computer age, pencil and paper has given way to the fearsome...computing machine! Some of the accountants here still use the old pencil and paper, but some young guns use the high-tech software that most large firms use. (Nope you can't buy it at Wal-Mart)

Where We Are Going

What does the future hold? We don't know because if we did, we wouldn't be here working. What we do know are the fancy regulations and rule changes every year. (We get tested annually) What else we know is that it is crazy hard to run your own books...and you wouldn't trust a kid to do them, right?

  • IRS & State Certified
  • Multi-State Capabilities
  • In-Person or Correspondence
  • E-File Preparation
  • Small/Medium Business Solutions
  • Flat Rate Availability
  • Technologically Up to Date
  • Free Consultation

Our Team

Our core professional staff is here to help you with all of your financial needs. We pride ourselves on a personal connection that is tailored to each of our clients.

Do you need specialized consultation such as lending and/or legal advice? We have an extended network of tax attorneys, mortgage brokers, investment professionals, and other financial resources to help you with whatever you need.

Our team prides itself on helping out a friend, not just servicing a client.

What our Clients say

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FYI, the name has changed but we still provide the same great service. We were formerly Desert Financial but have started up Martir Financial Group. Please make a note of this but be aware that we still operate the Desert Financial Services site.

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Placentia, CA 92870